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Tabgha is a prophetic ministry giving direction for those who have problems with their work situations or businesses. If you need prayer in these areas please send your requests to tabgha@revpeterkumar.org
From Barbara , Loiusiana (Abridged from a phone conversation)
Well about two years ago, in 2010, Peter and Geeta were ministering in our church. I received a word that I would receive an inheritance.
Last week I received the same from a distant aunt who I have met for about 12 times in my life time. God may be late but always in time.
From Priscilla, Greenville (Abridged from a conversation)
What Ps Peter prophesied over me has completely transformed my life. I was just drifting in life without a purpose. When he spoke out my innermost desires , I knew only God could have revealed that to him and best of all God cared about my desires. Today I am a different person , I care about my appearance and I do work that brings great joy . I praise God for the prophetic words ! Thank you Jesus . .
From Mekdes, Niagara ( abridged from a hand written note )
I thank God for what He has done through your meeting in the past year since the first time I came to church. I was healed from gall stone. I was scheduled for surgery but God healed me and I did not go for surgery since then I have no pain and the prophecy you said to me about my life were accurate and most of them have happened. Please pray for me and my family ……..
From Jagan , Malaysia (Abridged from type written note )
Ps Peter Kumar was a speaker at our Sunday service. He challenged us to lead at least 5 people before the end of the month. I took up the challenge. Being a lecturer, I invited some of my students who could not go home on a holiday to my house. Besides treating them to cakes and pizza, I shared God's plan of salvation with them. Praise be to God all of them decided to pray the sinner's prayer when they understood that they needed to be born again in the Spirit. I was glad I was able to do fulfill my challenge with 3 days to spare. Praise the LORD !
From Andrew Lin , Singapore (Abridged from FB message )
thanks a lot pastor Peter Kumar. Your prophecy of me and wife was really true, because of leaders like you it has really impacted our Christian faith
From Leah, North Hollywood (Abridged from FB message)
Thank you for praying with my husband and I . He has two prophecies already fulfilled. I am waiting to see mine come to pass. Thank you for being a great blessing !
From Solomon, Malaysia (Abridged from email)
In your last visit when you came ………. you prophesy to me, God is going to appoint me as a pastor, what you said exactly it is going to happen, from the April 1st week onwards by GODs grace I am the pastor of a church here. Please continue to pray for me.
From Harin, Toronto, Canada (Abridged from an email)
Thank you for spending time with my family and for praying for us. As a result, there has been great reconciliation and restoration of relationships ….. You are a blessing to us Pastor. Thank you for all the time you spent with us. There is lightness in my heart and a joy that everything is going to be OK.

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