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  Testimonies from Bihar

“In the past our believers have experienced several miracles of physical healing and deliverance from demonic oppression.  But we did not follow them up and so we were not able to effectively use them to reach others. Now in the conference conducted by Dr. Peter Kumar, we learnt how to follow such people and use them as effective witnesses to reach out to other unreached people.  I strongly believe that by this approach we will be able to achieve the goal of reaching one million people in Bihar in the next three years.”  -                     Pastor Vinod Kumar – Area Pastor, Bhojpuri Region.

“During the four days conference on “Reaching One Million People in Bihar” at Patna I learnt how to grow my church and multiply them.  The selection of believers who have experienced healing and using them to reach out other non-Christians was very practical.  The suggestion to establish “House of Power” and conduct healing meeting was very useful. I hope to use these methods to achieve the goal of one million people in Bihar.”                                   Pastor Vivekanand Kumar – Local Pastor, Barah Area, Patna District, Magadh Region.

“The strategy to train and use the new believers who experienced miracles in their lives is very helpful.  The guidelines for conducting healing meetings and establishing “House of Power” are very effective methods. I am committed to reach the one million people of Bihar in the next three years.”                                                                                                    Pastor Munindra Paswan, Area Pastor, Jehanabad, Magadh Region.

I learnt in the conference how to pray for the sick people. I believe that through healing the sick the women will come to know Christ and the churches will be multiplied. I learnt that we should work as a family to reach out to the families.”                                                         Mrs. Pushpa Devi, Bible Woman, Sasaram, Bhojpuri Region.

“In the Patna Conference I learnt the method of selecting the ten people (who had experienced miracles) in every church and train them to reach out to ten other people by praying for the sick and casting out the demons and demonstrating the power of God in their lives.  I plan to apply this method and multiply my churches and thus reach out the one million people.”                                                                                                           Mrs. Reeta Devi, Lady Evangelist, Madhurapur, Gaya District, Magadh Region.

“In the Conference, I learned the effectiveness of healing ministry as part of reaching the unreached people and planting and multiplying churches.  I also learned the importance of working with my wife.  I will go and gather ten believers in each church and teach them and use them to reach the unreached people.  I also plan to establish “house of power” in each village where we have churches.  I strongly believe that by these churches we can reach one million people in Bihar in the next three years.”                                                            Pastor Surendra Choudhary, Local Pastor, Mohania, Bhojpuri Region.


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